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Essentials in Leadership

Five part series designed for new managers

Defining the Leader in You – Build a strong foundation of leadership skills as you learn to:

  • Recognize your own personality styles and outward image using (DiSC) and a 360 assessment

  • Communicate with impact to influence results with your direct reports and your peers

  • Efficiently plan and organize

  • Continuously evolve as dynamics change around you

  • Build accountability and trust

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation


Solving Business Challenges – Understand business process to allow for better business decisions and problem solving.  Learn to:

  • Use models, tools and techniques to solve problems efficiently

  • Understand how to balance risk with opportunity

  • Keep customers, both external and internal, satisfied

  • Build concise communications for team and executives

  • Use multiple scenarios to map outcomes

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation


Hiring and Developing Peak Performers – Set expectations and foster an environment that cultivates positive attitudes and team success.  Learn to:

  • Create clarity around roles and responsibilities

  • Build a plan, then hire the right people for the job

  • Achieve desired performance levels through coaching and development

  • Effectively communicate performance assessments during employee reviews

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation


High Performing Engaged Teams – Optimize team impact by learning to:

  • Understand the difference between teams and work groups

  • Recognize DiSC styles to bring out the best within a team

  • Build self-sustaining teams – ending the victim cycle

  • Optimize the value of the diversity and talent of your team through inclusion and collaboration

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation


Evolving Your Business with Innovation and Creativity – Drive strategic business objectives and grow market share for your organization by learning to:

  • Clarify the value propositions and differences between innovation and creativity

  • Utilize tools and techniques to open up new possibilities

  • Facilitate innovation, infuse creativity, and live change leadership

  • Take your business results to the next level

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation

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