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Advanced Leaders

Five part series designed for existing leaders with a desire to build skills

Customer Centricity – Become a confident advanced-level leader by learning to harness the power of the customer perspective.  You will learn to:

  • Build and effectively manage customer relationships

  • Cultivate global strategic relationships

  • Remove barriers to next level customer service

  • Identify the metrics that are important to your customer, and how to problem solve with the customer’s expectations in mind

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation

Leading Change Initiatives – Identify how to help your team adapt to changes in the workplace successfully and how to sustain the change by learning how to:

  • Build a plan for change with proven change leadership techniques

  • Apply sustainable techniques for making change last

  • Communicate a vision and need for change effectively and with impact

  • Maintain productivity, while helping team members adapt to the change

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation

Developing and Executing Strategy – Design a practical execution plan to take your organization to the next level. This course also introduces the basics of building a business strategy.  Learn to :

  • Create a business strategy with practical operating and execution tactics

  • Clearly communicate your vision, allowing employees to naturally align

  • Identify the right tools and techniques to help to manage your business strategy

  • Add more impact to your communications by thinking strategically

                         One Day Course – Live Facilitation

Critical Thinking – Utilize your current knowledge, past experiences, and strategic thinking to learn how to :

  • Turn incomplete or ambiguous issues into a clearly defined direction

  • Identify links between problems and systems that can lead to improved strategies

  • Recognize alternative approaches for more effective solutions

  • Reduce or manage risk and stress

                         One Day Course – Live or Virtual Facilitation

 Next Level Leadership – Bring your ‘A’ game to enhance your potential by learning to:

  • Recognize changing expectations as you move up in leadership roles

  • Identify the keys to driving employee performance

  • Have those tough discussions confidently and effectively

  • Use conflict to foster teamwork

  • Inspire employees to do their best each day with a supportive environment

  • Build a balanced personal agenda

                         One Day Course – Live Facilitation

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