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The Kroger Co. markets to their 11 Million customers as individuals, and they do it using data that they have readily available. When a retail business sends out mailers, it is typically based on zip codes or demographics; using this method a 3% response rate is considered very successful. Over 70% of recipients use some portion of Kroger mailers.  Now, think about the added potential- have you ever gone into a grocery store with a coupon and only bought one item?

To break the mass marketing paradigm, Kroger employs loyalty program data to identify the unique buying habits of each customer; brand preferences, size choices and a bit of discovery is used to select twelve coupons mailed quarterly.  These “snowflake” mailers (each one is unique) have resulted in about $10 Billion in revenue.  

This is just one example of using data for both customer and organizational benefit.  Do you know what data is being warehoused in your organization?  If not, find out what’s available and brainstorm with a small group what might be used to improve sales, retention rates, resource management, or something else important that matters to your clients or organization.  If you aren’t currently capturing data, what information would change the game?

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