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If you were to brainstorm ways to improve your operations with a group of energized college students, what could they come up with?  What if it were a group of farm hands?  Many of their ideas wouldn’t necessarily apply, but there are those few that could simplify how things are done, change the output or eliminate legacy processes.  The greatest innovations typically come from outside of a given industry.  It isn’t an expert in aerodynamics known for first flight and it won’t be business as usual that will change your paradigm.  

Before painting the walls fuchsia and hiring an innovation team, it’s time to have some fun with your associates.  Solve a business challenge by brainstorming as one team of detectives, another team of children and a third team of sports analysts.  How would they see and solve the problem?  Once fresh ideas are flowing, build on the best ones.  When you are ready for implementation, be sure to put baseline measurements in place to realize and communicate the impact of your efforts.

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