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If your personal business space needs attention, Kaizen (continuous improvement) can reduce the chaos for office dwellers, travelers, and telecommuters, alike.

  1. Reduce the Clutter (Sort): Take a look at the paper that’s weighing you down. Shred the obsolete*, finish or delegate what you can and create files for in-process and necessary records.  I resolve to shred it, do it, delegate it, or file it.
  2. Stop the Searching (Set in Order): Create electronic files with clear names and a taxonomy that will make sense for others looking for documents stored within.
  3. Ready in a Moment (Shine): When back in the office, reload whatever is needed for the next trip and clean things up.  The client notices everything.
  4. Document the Procedure (Standardize): Clear and simple instructions are the key to effective delegation.
  5. Make it a Habit (Sustain): Let’s practice the Five S’s once a week to keep a clean desk and a lightened load for that travel bag.

Getting personal space in order can be daunting, so start with me Monday on a ‘go forward’ plan.  Each week, make it a point to employ some S’s for new items coming in and address just a small piece of the legacy material that we’ve been staring at or carrying for too many miles.

*Before disposing of obsolete business records, review your organization’s records management policy and retention schedule.

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