Peter G Meissner

Peter G Meissner

Senior Consultant
Bluestone Process Dynamics

Peter Meissner, as a Lean Six Sigma Subject Matter Expert, focuses on helping businesses through the transformation to becoming a Lean – Six Sigma company. He is dedicated to working with businesses to achieve their goals to have a sustainable enterprise. 

Mr. Meissner is a process expert with 30 years of technical, commercial and managerial experience at General Electric. He is a certified Lean – Six-Sigma instructor and Master Black Belt. His breadth of knowledge encompasses leading change within an organization, development of processes to support key objectives and incorporate regulatory requirements to provide balanced metrics to insure long term success. 

His leadership helped GE transform a manufacturing-based quality toolset into a potent cultural change for all functions with a diverse set of businesses. The application of the Six-Sigma methodology with internal and external teams led to gains in both traditional business metrics (sales, net income) and broader business metrics (safety and customer satisfaction). Continuing the development and use of continuous improvement methodologies, Peter led the change management to operationally improve both corporate and manufacturing processes. 

Peter has a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and holds several patents.

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