Lorraine Leahy

Lorraine Leahy

Executive Consultant
Bluestone Process Dynamics

Lorraine is known for bringing leaders and team members together and helping them recognize and appreciate the impact that their individual talents and core strengths bring to an organization.  In doing so, she helps to foster a collaborative climate for the design of strategic and tactical roadmaps needed to support the goals of the business, including defining the portfolio of initiatives, standards, and processes necessary to deliver on those goals.

She has more than 20 years of corporate leadership experience and over a decade of experience as an internal and external leadership coach mentoring and advising leaders and teams to achieve exceptional performance. 

Lorraine has successfully navigated teams through dynamic organizational and technological change, including three IPOs, multiple internal mergers and several acquisitions. She spent the last 14 years of her corporate career with GE Capital & Genworth Financial. While there, she held several different SVP and VP roles, including underwriting and service operations. Her “feet on the street” experience brings a unique understanding and perspective of how business works and what it takes to lead successfully in a variety of environments.

She is an experienced trainer and facilitator of GE’s renowned Six Sigma, Work-Out™ and Change Acceleration Process (CAP) models, and was selected for the GE Capital Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Network (ALFN), a select group that receives intensive training in facilitation and executive coaching. As an ALFN member, she facilitated Executive Leadership Strategy and Work-Out™ sessions for GE Corporate, GE Capital and GE Financial Executives.

Some of the tools Lorraine utilizes include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Interaction Associates Facilitation Methodology, the Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor Suite and The Platinum Rule:  Interactive Styles Assessment. She combines these and other tools with the process of Inquiry Based Discovery to help executives clarify what they want and how they can align their actions to achieve their desired outcomes.

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