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Why does a talented individual contributor choose NOT to take manager’s position? It could be that there’s no interest in the potential for growth or that the administrative role might dilute their area of expertise. More likely, it is because that person has watched the legacy of managers who work an over-abundance of hours and appear to be perpetually stressed. The perceived time commitment and the responsibilities out-weigh the benefits and value of the role.

As leaders, we do this to ourselves. We understand that it’s our responsibility for deciding between priorities in our lives. What we often forget is that this segues with the team of people we’re responsible for developing, which requires delegating and mentoring. It also means that we need to step away to give others a chance to flourish.

Train and coach, then share some of your load; expect the same of the managers working for you.  Your HR Manager or trusted consultant can assist with a reassessment of how succession planning might improve for your organization.

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