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Moving up within an organization should be transformational. Each step forward as a leader obviously starts with some added responsibilities; what is often missed is that delegating is one of those responsibilities necessary to create a highly functioning organization.

  • Front line supervisors: less doing – more enabling
  • Mid-level managers: less firefighting – more finding the right people and tools to execute on the stated goals… without the fires
  • Senior leaders: fewer details – more critical thinking and orchestrating the future

When looking in the mirror, it only gives one view of how a manager has transitioned after a promotion. And, it isn’t intuitive how much success factors shift from personal skills to organizational capabilities. Use 360 assessment tools to identify transformational blind spots, then seek out a mentor with relevant experience to help identify what to start, what to stop and what to build upon. Few leaders get it right the first time without some guidance and coaching at that next level of leadership.

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