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Early in my career, I was told to dress for the job that I wanted.  Looking the part matters, but executive presence is much more than the right attire.  If you want to bring your best forward everyday, here’s what makes a difference in interviews and on the job:

  1. Be in the present and be prepared
  2. Listen more than talk
  3. Make decisions with the big picture in mind
  4. Say “yes” to unexpected opportunities
  5. Own your mistakes and articulate the growth that came from them
  6. Quantify your successes and give credit to those who helped make them happen
  7. Avoid subconscious messaging, choosing your body language is as important as choosing your words   

Executive presence defines how you show up; what is expected of you, as you transition from individual contributor to supervisor to functional or general manager, is a conversation for another day.   

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