Bluestone Programs | Quality Excellence Program Offerings 

Quality Excellence Program Offerings

Designed by GE certified Master Black Belts and Quality Leaders

  • Kaizen – 2 day Kaizen Team learning session
  • Lean – 4 day rigorous interactive course
  • Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt – 2 day course to learn what Six Sigma is and does, along with definitions and what to expect
  • Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt – 8 day course (four 2 day sessions, 3 weeks between each session allowing participants to practice skills) for those who may be looking to positively impact how their department or functional area operates
  • Lean Six Sigma: Black Belt – 8 day course (four 2 day sessions, 3 weeks between each session, allowing participants to practice skills) for individuals ready to focus on process excellence as a full time or part time role
  • Project Management – 3 day course for project managers who wish to build upon their skills
  • Business Analysis – 3 day course for new business analysts and for those who wish to build upon their skills
  • Work-out – 5 day course for personnel who will facilitate short bursts of process focus to make fast improvements (within 90 days) utilizing the skills and knowledge of those closest to the process