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Research is repeatedly cited that 70 to 85% of jobs are found through networking.  Anecdotally, the majority of my new hires are those I’ve seen in action, so I suggest that it’s time well spent to network more effectively.

  1.  Be the Ant: Start networking today for tomorrow’s possibilities – Really get to know your co-workers and staff; where they’ll be in five years is unknown and where you’re going is only partly in your control.
  2.  Reach-out: Create opportunities rather than wait for them – Did someone start working in your area who is relocating?  Invite that person and some of your friends to lunch or for a home cooked meal.  If you were living out of a hotel room, what would you appreciate?
  3.  Excel: Do your current job well – Give it your best, especially with a role that you think you’re overqualified to do. Your reputation starts with how well you do what you do and the attitude you walk in with – everyday.
  4.  Share: Use the power of Linkedin to stay connected – Keep your profile up to date and ‘message’ others when you have news that they care about.


When you’re ready to change jobs, it’s sometimes surprising to learn who within your network opens the door to your next opportunity.  All of this happens because part of networking is also watching for talent and finding ways to give a hand up. I personally do this in honor of those who have helped me along the way- the pay-back is a strong team with few surprises.

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