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Instincts alone in this complex world can be fatal.  About 15% of aircraft crashes occurred because the pilot became disoriented, then ignored or didn’t know how to read the instrument panel. It’s called spacial disorientation and if the person trusts their instincts rather than what instruments are telling them, then the odds aren’t good- 90% of these crashes result in fatalities.

Taking this into the office, spacial disorientation becomes decision making without the utilization of data.  The odds aren’t good here, either. Three things to check and re-check to get instrument rated for business:

  1. Is the data being monitored an indicator of something that really matters?
  2. Are the key indicators updated often enough to spot a problem/opportunity before the customer or competition?
  3. Is the data visible and easy to understand for associates who can make a difference?

If this is new for you, be a smart pilot and create a dashboard of the vital few data trends that matter.  If you’re a pro, periodically seek out blindspots. What might your cloudbank be?

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