Bluestone News Release

Bluestone Process Dynamics Announces HR Assessment That Uncovers Root Causes of Employee Retention Challenges

Richmond, Virginia, Oct. 19, 2021 — Bluestone Process Dynamics, a leading provider of leadership and talent development, business transformation and corporate governance programs to the Fortune 500, has been featured in Manage HR Magazine’s Top HR Assessments for 2021.

The Bluestone HR Assessment offering refreshes a decades old, widely used methodology and brings it back into focus for today’s environment.  It can be delivered in person or virtually and can be scaled to any size organization.

Ginny Sorenson, Executive Consultant, Bluestone Process Dynamics

“Speaking as a former CHRO myself, the role of HR professionals has evolved significantly in recent times. Focus has been on the frontlines when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. However, the main challenge organizations faced was staying in touch with employees and getting a good understanding of what their view of work is today.”

Alistair Firmin, President and CEO, Bluestone Process Dynamics

“Our independent team engages with both employees and management, converts the information into quantitative and qualitative feedback, presents opportunities that will move the dial, and then works with leadership to deliver meaningful impact.”

Mark Guthrie, retired CHRO, 30+ years working for GE, then 12+ at Keurig, Hertz and other companies

“Bluestone’s HR assessment offering is the best starting point for any organization looking to improve their work environment.”

About Bluestone Process Dynamics

Bluestone Process Dynamics was built to offer some of the best talent in the world; many are GE alumni.  They come with diverse experiences in multiple industries; the common trait within the Bluestone team is a firm commitment to customer success. Each Bluestone team member has a proven track record in leading change, which translates into entrusting your objectives to people who will make a significant contribution to your organization.

The company’s expertise is in  leadership and talent development, business transformation and corporate governance programs.  Thanks to the confidence of our clients in our ability to listen and execute, Bluestone has the honor of 100% repeat business.

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